Copper Shield

What is Copper Shield?

Copper Shield is an anti-microbial self-adhesive copper coating. Copper Shield can be used to cover nearly all frequently used surfaces, such as handles, handrails, door handles, switches, etc. Copper Shield is based on 99.9% natural copper, which is found in nature. Copper Shield coating has a permanent bactericidal and antiviral effect, which is maintained even after abrasion and long-term use. Copper possesses natural antimicrobial properties. Copper prevents the growth of microbes and is also able to destroy them. This property has been studied and proven in several countries and in studies conducted by various international research groups. Copper and copper alloys are used in the present day for items requiring a high level of hygiene, such as coins, door handles and drinking water systems.

Why Copper Shield? 

In October 2020, Synergy Diagnostic Laboratory (a federally licensed medical laboratory for providing Covid-19 testing in the United States) conducted a test of the persistence of the SARS-Cov-2 virus on Copper Shield. The stability of SARS-Cov-2 on the virus-infected Copper Shield surface and on a virus-free control surface were assessed. The study revealed that SARS-Cov-2 is completely destroyed after 5 minutes on Copper Shield.

Technical information 

Product description: Copper Shield is an anti-microbial, self-adhesive copper surface coating. The product consists of copper and glue. 

Chemical composition: 

Copper (Cu) 99.9% (surface).

Phosphorus (P) 0.015-0.04% (surface).

Modified acrylic (substrate).

Formability: excellent.

Adhesion strength:

on stainless steel – 11.5N / cm

on ABS – 10.6N/cm

on propylene – 11.2 N / cm


– Copper Shield cannot be used on curved surfaces.

– Measure the surface to be covered. Take into consideration a 1cm overlap. If necessary, use a paper template.

– Cut out the required piece.

– Clean the surface to be covered and allow to dry.

– Remove the backing paper on the back of Copper Shield.

– Apply Copper Shield to the surface to be covered. Firmly

press closed the edges of the surface coating.


Copper Shield can be cleaned with standard cleaning agents. Abrasive and strong acting substances should be avoided. Substances containing ammonia and chloride are not suitable for use in cleaning.

After use: Copper Shield surface covering is a 100% recyclable natural metal.

 The manufacturer accepts no liability for mechanical damage to the surface covering.