Custom mesh banner


Banners are a great outdoor and indoor display solution for promoting your business, product or announcement.

  • Sharp, bright, full-color prints
  • Durable mesh vinyl material, optimal for windy conditions
  • Semi-transparent visual appearance, great for window shades
  • Choose the most suitable option from different hanging options

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This product will be printed the same day!


Additional information

Mesh banner

Mesh banner is perfect in windy conditions! Mesh banners are usually used when a banner needs to be hung in high wind situations. Mesh banners are often used for outdoor events such as festivals, celebrations, concerts, carnivals, holiday greetings, and fairs allowing wind and sound to pass through the material. The perforated breathable nature of these banners also gives them a semi-transparent visual appearance which makes these types of banners also great for window shades for business offices or restaurants. This product will be printed the same day!