Aluminium Composite Signs


Aluminium Composite Signs are ideally suited for long term outdoor use as they are stable to fluctuations in weather conditions. They are very durable and tolerate both extreme cold temperatures, basking hot sunshine as well as high humidity and rainy weather patterns. They can be moved from one location to another time and time again due to their long-lasting durability and will therefor serve their purpose where ever needed.

With a wide range of uses, Aluminium Composite signs are a great option for cost effective external or internal signage, such as directional signs, health and safety signs or informational panels. These signs have ben used on facades of buildings advertising businesses with their name, logo and any additional information chosen to capture the attention from the public, for a long time.They are a perfect way to communicate your message at construction sites, for real-estate advertising as well as posting property- for- lease information and any message you want to communicate. 

Digitally printed directly onto aluminium composite with high quality printers. This method increases the durability and longevity of the text on the sign making it work for you in spreading your message both clearer and longer.

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