Corrugated Plastic Signs


Bright, detailed, full-color signs.

Corrugated  Plastic Sign offers a perfect lower-cost option to the Aluminium Composite   Sign, but it still has a durability and a lasting- time far longer than the lower-price signs, this extends the delivery- time of your message. The lower price, compared to aluminium composite, allows you to increase the number of signs placed on other locations and thereby increasing the visibility of the message, and stay within the same budget as that of  the aluminium composite sign.The weight of the Corrugated Plastic Sign is one fifth of the Aluminium Composite Sign, making the moving-arround of the signs, if and when needed, from one location to another easier and quicker. They can be handled with ease by anybody, in bundles due to their light weight. Spread your message in multiple places and locations for a reasonable cost on a fair budget. 

Choose UV lamination to protect your sign from weather and fading. This increases the life-span and therefor allows a greater number of bypasses to observe your message and this in its turn brings you an increased over-all visibility factor.  

Create your own yard sign to inform passers-by or promote your properties, business or any other intended effect sought by you through your signs.  So, corrugated plastic signs are a lightweight and cost-effective sign material, ideally suited for a wide variety of indoor and short-term outdoor uses. 

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